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Leveraged Finance for Entrepreneurs

16-May / Articles / 0 COMMENTS

Leveraged finance involves funding a company with more debt than would be considered normal for that company or industry. This type of funding is normally done for very specific reasons such as acquisitions, shareholder buyouts, management buy-ins, special dividends, or in private equity sponsored transactions.  As leveraged finance is purpose ...


Financing for Entrepreneurs

09-Apr / Articles / 0 COMMENTS

I am often asked about access to capital by owners looking to grow their businesses and I speak to the issue in front of various groups.  For mature businesses, there are two options, debt and equity, each of which bring to the table their own uniqueness.


Sell like a 6 year old

07-Dec / Articles / 0 COMMENTS

I was reminded the other day of my meeting with Cameron Herold last year.  Cameron, by background, is the owner of Back Pocket COO (http://www.backpocketcoo.com/), the author of Double: How to Double Your Revenue and Profit in 3 Years or Less , a renowned speaker on the TED tour, an ...


Mezzanine Financing – A Powerful Financing Vehicle for Growth

01-Oct / Articles / 1 COMMENTS

Mezzanine financing is a little known tool available for privately held businesses and publicly traded companies that allows a strong performing company to increase its financial leverage in certain transactions. Generally speaking, mezzanine financing offers the features of both debt (regular interest and principal payments) and equity (options or warrants).   ...


Why we have a yellow sticky tab for a door sign

05-Sep / Articles / 4 COMMENTS

In September of 2009, I was a VP for the Atlantic Provinces with BMO Harris Private Banking.  It was the best job I ever had.  The clients were great and my colleagues were great.  One afternoon, I took the biggest professional risk of my career.  I gave my notice and ...

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